Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heaven on Earth

I have 2 children: Liza and Bruce (not their real names.) 

These nicknames were given to them early because they suit their personalities. 

Liza stood on the fireplace hearth belting out show-tunes at the ripe old age of 18 months. 
Her #1 hit in our house was a priceless rendition of "Snake Your Boonie" (Shake Your Booty) 
accompanied by her brand new Maracas! 
(Yep, the first of many annoying gifts from her grammy!) 

Bruce, on the other hand, doesn't have a great story. 

My poor 2nd born child is stuck with a multitude of random nick-names... 
his real name isn't even his real name, 
but rather a convoluted contraction of his first and middle names 
because someone thought it was a good idea to name him after his father and grandfather! 

So, not only is the poor kid "the third," but because he's my son, 
and you know how it goes with little boys, 
he got all sorts of cutsy pet names... 
like Bubba. 
I started calling him Bubba shortly after he was born. 
Why? I have no freaking idea. It just seemed to fit. 
He had big round cheeks and was quiet. 
Oddly enough, Bubba is what my family nick named my boyfriend from high school...
come to think of it, he had round cheeks and was quiet too. 
But he was from Texas. 
Aren't all guys from Texas named Bubba? 
I digress... So, Bubba stuck..  
then, when mama's milk had done his body good and 
he began eating Texas sized amounts of food at 5 months old.... 
Bubba turned into Bubba-Chub. 
Followed soon after by Bruce. 
Don't get the natural progression? 
Me neither. 
That's just how we roll. 

These are the people who make me carazy...... 
in love, in frustration, in wonder, in awe, in gratitude!

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