Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer To Do List

While my summer to do list isn't complete, I did cross some biggies off the list.

Potty Train Bruce
Start Writing
Finish Furniture projects
Drop 20 lbs.
Work out routine solidified (ha!)
Visit Aquarium
Take Kids Hiking around town
Visit Firefighters Museum
Go To the Zoo
Go Camping
Teach kids to clean up after themselves at meal time!
Read more, read to kids more
Regular Dates with Liza
Regular Dates with Silver Fox
Spend lots of time at airplane park
Get everyone caught up on dentist and doctor visits
Hang up Liza's artwork in frames

So, we focused mostly on that relationship stuff.... the maintenance of the mundane... which has been surprisingly refreshing. While we didn't have a fantasmagorical summer break loaded with grand adventures, we did spend some great quality time with those we love. My kids got their first real chance to spend time with their paternal grandmother; and some precious time with each other. While they are sooooo ready for some time apart, I'm thankful we've had the last few months, while they are  best buddies, just us... doing our thing.... Bruce wanting to get into Liza's stuff.... Liza bossing Bruce around.... just hanging out.

I am amazed at how refreshed I feel.  I'm ready for Fall and school and all its routines.... not because my kids are driving me nuts, but because they are ready... after a great season with mama and daddy, safe in our nest, they are ready to take a step out into the world. Excited to explore what the world holds.... prepared because things are in order at home.

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